08 апреля 2010


Spacebar Activate chat
/ Activate chat
Enter Confirm
Esc Cancel
Tab Toggle targets (forward)
Shift+Tab Toggle targets (reverse)
Directional Keys Move camera
Move menu cursor
X Toggle between walk/run
R Toggle auto run on/off
W Move character forward
S Move character back
A Move character left
D Move character right
I Move camera up
K Move camera down
J Move camera left
L Move camera right
F Toggle between active/passive mode
C Lock on/off a target
V Toggle between camera modes
M Display map
T Toggle action bar on/off
B Target status effect
E Toggle emote list on/off
0 - 9 Action bar shortcuts
Ctrl+0-9 Assign action bar shortcuts to a battle regimen
F9 Target self
F11 Target nearby characters
F12 Target party members
PageUp Zoom in camera
PageDown Zoom out camera
Home Toggle on/off main menu
End Reset camera to default position
Ctrl+Enter Stack battle commands (when using the action bar)
G Execute battle regimen
Numpad 8 Move character forward
Numpad 2 Move character back
Numpad 4 Move character left
Numpad 6 Move character right
Numpad 9 Zoom in camera
Numpad 3 Zoom out camera
Numpad 7 Toggle auto run on/off
Numpad 0 Toggle targets (forward)
Numpad 5 Toggle between camera modes
Numpad 1 Toggle between walk/run
Numpad - Toggle on/off main menu
Numpad * Lock on/off a target
   *Numpad numbers refer to those located in the numeric keypad located on the right side of most
   keyboards, and not those above the letter keys.


Left Click Confirm
Select target
Right Click Hold and drag to move camera


©2010 Logitech, Logicool. All rights reserved.

All actions can be assigned to gamepads using the FINAL FANTASY XIV Alpha Version Config program.
The Config program can be found in the following location: Windows Start Menu -> All Programs -> SQUARE ENIX -> FINAL FANTASY XIV Alpha Version -> FINAL FANTASY XIV Alpha Version Config

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