28 февраля 2010

Event Report

Special Task Force Report
The Special Task Force has been as active as ever, employing their trusty “RMT-Pwner v1.337” and a host of other countermeasures—the Square Enix security token, fishing system adjustments, IP address blocking, and improved account screening, to name a few—in their sworn mission to purge Vana’diel of the dark armies of cheaters and RMT ruffians.

Though we cannot claim to have eradicated these nefarious influences from the game entirely, we feel confident that we have reached a point where they pose a minimal threat to the gaming experience of rule-honoring FINAL FANTASY XI players.

The enemy is tenacious, resorting to /tell spamming, character hacking and other dastardly deeds, but fear not. For as long as evil exists in our world, we at the STF have no intention of laying down our arms in the fight!

World Integration
To streamline server maintenance and provide our users with a more unified gaming environment, the March version update will see the merger and integration of certain low-population Worlds.
Projected World integration map:
Further details will be announced at a later date, so keep your eyes on the official site for updates!
Walk of Echoes
With new areas to be introduced across two version updates this summer and beyond, adventurers will be able to explore the Walk of Echoes, the enigmatic wasteland of memories and time that has thus piqued many a player’s curiosity in the Wings of the Goddess missions.

The Walk of Echoes will also hold the entrance to a new realm of high-end, expanded content. In anticipation of the level cap increase, the development team is hard at work preparing formidable new challenges for high-level players.

These areas will also feature prominently as a destination in the Wings of the Goddess missions, as the epic storyline that has delighted fans the world over hurtles toward its hair-raising, heart-stirring conclusion!

Battles and tales that are the stuff of legend—adventurers of all stripes are sure to find their thirst for exhilaration quenched in the Walk of Echoes!
Notorious Monsters
Following on the heels of the fearsome foes introduced in the November 2009 version update, hordes of new notorious monsters will be joining the ranks in the coming version updates. Even the most combat-honed adventurers can expect to have their abilities tested to the limit, so begin steeling yourself for battle today!
Seasonal Events

Adventurers who enjoy partaking in Vana’diel’s myriad seasonal celebrations will be pleased to hear that a host of new items are in the works for these events. These will include two new reward furnishings for the upcoming Feast of Swords in May, with various other surprises to follow in the months to come.
Furthermore, the new set of formalwear that will accompany this year’s Adventurer Appreciation Campaign will have players looking more dapper and divine than ever as they ring in our 8th Vana’versary in style.
And what better way to celebrate than with a spectacular installment of the Mog Bonanza? This year’s prize list is shaping up to be better than ever—a veritable bounty of tantalizing loot that includes spoils from the treasure hoard of none other than the infamous Pandemonium Warden!
Rank 1 Ridill / Kraken Club / Hofud / Valkyrie's Fork / Skadi's Cuirie / Ares's Cuirass
Marduk's Jubbah / Usukane Haramaki / Novio Earring / Morrigan's Robe
Defending Ring / Shadow Mantle / Mog Bonanza Kupon A. / Shadow Ring
Mog Bonanza Kupon P / Ebisu Fishing Rod
Rank 2 Black Belt / Velocious Belt / Homam Corazza / Nashira Manteel
Mog Bonanza Kupon X. / Byakko's Haidate / Aurum Cuirass / Oracle's Robe
Enkidu's Harness / Herald's Gaiters / Joyeuse / Saber Shoot / Opal Silk
Birdman Cape
Rank 3 Hauteclaire / Seveneyes / Homam Cosciales / Nashira Seraweels
Mog Bonanza Kupon B. / Barbarossa's Zerehs / Algol / Trotter Boots
Voyager Sallet / Hermes' Sandals / Star Sapphire / Imperial Wootz Ingot
Vampiric Claws / Mog Bonanza Kupon L
Rank 4 Khroma Ore / Behemoth Hide / Damascus Ingot / Damascene Cloth
Moldavite Earring / Bounding Boots / Empress Hairpin / Nidhogg's Scales
Wootz Ore / Orichalcum Ingot / Yoichi's Sash / Vilma's Ring / Odin Statue
Rank 5 Miratete's Memoirs / Pest Repellent / Mercenary Camp Entry Slip
Training Grounds Key / Martial Ball Invite / Cordial Invite / Adamantoise Statue
Behemoth Statue / Fafnir Statue / Shadow Lord Statue / Alexander Statue
Still more attractive items, including relic/mythic equipment—first given away right here at VanaFest 2010’s Nomad Mog Bonanza—Dynamis currency, alexandrite and more are being considered for future bonanzas. We strive to continue our mission of offering players the most exciting prizes possible while preserving game balance.
Whereas the recipes added in past version updates have centered on traditional synthesis, from here on players can expect a shift of focus to synergy. The new batch of new recipes scheduled for March will include new warp items and more!

Future version updates will usher in an even greater variety of heretofore unseen items. Luxurious furnishings such as guild tables and extravagant musical devices, potent and powerful equipment, and much more await skilled synergists. An elemental staff-type weapon boasting multiple effects is among the unique new articles being considered.

Going hand in hand with synergy is the evolith system, and the coming version updates will see these remarkable stones appear in ever-new and extensive varieties. What’s more, evolith will become available via treasure caskets with the next version update, making it easier than ever for adventurers to enter the exciting world of customizable gear!
Job-specific Emotes

Planned for further down the line is the addition of job-specific emotes. The finer points of how these new motions will be acquired are still under consideration, but players can expect a charming set of animations that will allow them to role-play their chosen profession with greater expressiveness than ever before!

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