01 марта 2010

FFXIV beta

Все те кто зарегестрировался на бету ФФ14 проверяйте свои ящики. Люди стали получать письмо на приглашение в бету. И это не шутка! Я пока ничего не получил, но как говориться пока не поздно, люди пишут на форумах что они получили свои письма и очень давно сегодня и буквально 15 минут назад.
We would first like to express our appreciation for your interest in
FINAL FANTASY XIV, and thank you for your application. It is our
pleasure to inform you that you have been selected for the role of

Requested testing platform: Windows PC

Game Login: Your Square Enix Account Login/Password
Tester Site ID/Password: Your Square Enix Account Login/Password

You will be participating in the Alpha Test, which will be taking place
prior to the launch of the Beta Test. During this phase, emphasis will
be placed on the testing of general game content and system balance.

Additionally, several closed Beta Tests and a larger-scale open Beta
Test are scheduled to take place in the months following the conclusion
of the Alpha Test. As an Alpha Test participant, you will be able to
take part in all of these. Your continued assistance is greatly

To begin testing, please follow the below steps:

(1)Log in to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Tester Site
Announcements, a play guide, client download, and other important
information related to the testing process will all be posted on the
Tester Site.

* Please note that the Beta Tester's Site will launch on March 11, 2010.

(2)Update your user name
User names on the Tester Site are generated randomly. To change your
user name, please navigate to the "Edit Profile" page from the Tester
Site's main menu.

(3)Check the forum
The Tester Site will be home to a forum set up for the exclusive use
of testers.

The forum will primarily be for announcements regarding updated content
and test schedules, but will also be used for posting bug reports and
bulletins, opinions and recommendations concerning test items, and
general tester discussion. For further details on any of these topics,
please navigate to "Forum" > "Play Guide" > "Read Me."

(4)Download the client
The FINAL FANTASY XIV client will be distributed via download. Please
see the "Download" section of the Tester Site for more information.

Requests and Warnings
- To allow for optimal improvements to the game system, game balance,
and server load balancing, testers are asked to actively report any and
all bugs and defects they observe.
- The release of information pertaining to the Alpha Test to sources
other than the Tester Site forum is strictly prohibited. Schedules for
the public release of information will be announced at a later date.
Until then, all information should be treated as confidential.
- Announcements will continually be posted under the "Forum" section of
the Tester Site. Please be sure to check periodically for updates.
- The software used during the Alpha Test is under development, and may
differ significantly from the commercial release.
- Please be aware that there are no plans to transfer Alpha Test
character data to the official release of the game.
- Please visit the Square Enix Support Centre for any further questions
or concerns:

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