04 марта 2010

FFXIV beta

Для тех кто не успел получить или не смог получить (я в этой стае) есть шанс получить ключ от Zam и от Википедии.

With the forums still burning with discussion over all the world shattering announcements revealed at VanaFest this past weekend, another segment of Final Fantasy fandom had things to discuss as well, namely the first wave of beta testing invitations sent to Final Fantasy XI subscribers on March 1.

We are pleased to announce that the ZAM Network has partnered with Square Enix to offer current Final Fantasy XI players a special opportunity to enter the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV Beta!

Adventurers eager for a spot in this early phase of the Beta Test will only need to enter their Square Enix Account's e-mail address and region to be considered for a chance to be one of the first to step foot in Eorzea.



Special FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Recruitment Opportunity!

Bummed because you weren't selected to be a FINAL FANTASY XIV alpha participant? Fear not! After navigating the seedy back alleys of Jeuno we have pulled some strings with the moogles down at the M.H.M.U. and they have agreed to squeeze some of our community members in! All the M.H.M.U. requires is your Square Enix Account's email address and region in order to reconsider your application!

But don't delay, this opportunity is only open for a limited time, and the recruitment will close on March 7th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST!

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